Innovative Materials


          We develop ourselves by scientific and technological innovation. We keep the competitiveness of our products by increasing investment in research funding, technology development and the industrialization...

          • Catalytic Tech.

            To design catalytic system based on the target polymer is our key technical capacity …

          • Polymer Design

            The design capabilities of our team allow us based on customers' need to develop products...

          • Bonding Tech.

            We provide you with a professional polyester selection to face various types of bonding challenges…

          • Coating Tech.

            We utilize our strong coating tech. to provide comprehensive solution in paint and coating field…


          China Coat 2015

          The 20th China Coat will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) from No...


          Macroocean Mater

          In Feb 2012, for all the Macroocean members,this is a special day, because after three yea...

          ”Polymer in the field of bonding technique / nano composite materials“ won the technology leader talent in Suzhou Industry Park

          In 2011, Macroocen’s project, “Polymer in the field of bonding technique / nano composite ...


          Create an open atmosphere to promote individual growth

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