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      +86 595 88739255


      Dedicated in the design, development and manufacturing of various materials of metal appearance such as SGCC, SECC, SPCC, SPTE, SUS, AL and so on.

      +86 595 88737522

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      Lunhou Industrial Park, Baogai Town, Shishi City, Fujian Province, China


      Company Introduction

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      Established in 1988, Aojie Hardware (Fujian) Co., Ltd., is formerly named   Fujian Shishi Tongda Hardware Co., Ltd in famous hometown of overseas Chinese—— Shishi City. With the joint efforts of leaders and employees and after more than 20 years’ development, our company now has covered an area of 23,000 square meters, including construction area of 20,000 square meters. There are more than 1500 employees, including 215 technicians in the company. The annual output of hardware reaches about 400 million. 

      Our company is equipped with abundant technical force, all kinds of advanced production equipment and is specializing in manufacturing various metal parts of high-grade home electronics on the basis of production mode of stamping.

      Our company, possessing strong capability in both designing and manufacturing of mold, has more than 100 sets advanced mold manufacturing equipment so that we can independently design and manufacture precise mold like cold-punching mold. As a result of establishing a perfect quality and environment system by ISO standard, we have gained quality and environment system certificate approved by China Quality Mark Certification Group. 

      All of our products have reached domestic advanced level. With stable and reliable quality, our products are greatly favored by customers.

      Business purpose: reputation first, quality first, customer first. Adhering to the concept of practicality, faithfulness, struggle and innovation, we mobilize all employees to draw on useful opinions to manufacture better and cheaper and more reliable products by most strict quality management.